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Explosion of New Offers!

New internet offer - the fastest internet in Serbia! Expansion of the cable TV package in Belgrade. Expansion of digital TV packages. New website and brand new online support.

SOPHOS Protection

Free licensed antivirus and antispam protection only for RADIJUS VEKTOR Internet users.

CA Module

CA Module enables you to watch digital programming packages without the need for an STB device.


  1. Up to 130 TV channels
  2. Additional packages
  3. HDTV
  4. Radio Stations
  5. Electronic Program Guide
  6. Parental Control


  1. Max download Speed 100 Mb/s
  2. Without Restraint
  3. Up to 10 E-mail addresses
  4. Mailbox up to 10 x 50 MB
  5. Dynamic IP Address
  6. Free Licensed Antivirus and Antispam Protection

TV Anywhere

  1. TV Anywhere allows you to watch your favorite TV channels via your desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, TV set or any other device that has the option of connecting to the Internet.


  1. New combo packages.
    Choose your ideal combination of Internet and TV packages. The offer includes a connection to digital television and / or cable internet.